Nate Cahoon Media is a full service production house based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. Next level filmmaking techniques, impressive visual FX and motion graphics, intimate character development and detailed audio design are paired with decades of multifaceted mountain experience and savvy. From storyboarding to post-production, Nate Cahoon's creatively unique skill set has the experience to see any and all production needs through and take it to the next level!  


Whether you need a Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Nate Cahoon Media offers a full service production unit for your video needs. With a RED Epic-X 5K Digital Camera package and enough Jib arms, dollies, mounts, DSLRs, and additional toys to shake a stick at, no angle will be left undocumented. 



Nate Cahoon Media studio is located in beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah. We manage all aspects of footage ingestion, housing, workflow and export. All assets are at the fingertips of our full time editing staff ready to deliver the goods on demand. 



This beautiful art requires a ton of skill, patience and a penchant for suffering, luckily we have the team that will bare the burden for you. Whether you are looking to witness a dazzling array of spiraling stars over wind swept peaks or a busy city transform from day to night, we always find time for another lapse. 



A lifetime spent skiing, climbing, biking and traveling through the mountains has gained Nate Cahoon a very intimate knowledge and respect for the high country. He now spends over 200 days per year filming in the mountains around the world, and have completely ironed out the unique logisitical parameters that are set forth with this type of production. Whether you need a conceptual commercial spot shot on snow at any time of year, or to send a team to document the glaciers of Alaska, Nate Cahoon is the man for the job!